Pearl P2052B Eliminator: Redline Double Bass Drum Pedal, Belt Drive

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The Ultimate Bass Drum Performance

Pearl's latest Eliminator: Redline pedal is a revolutionary product that combines the power of four pedals into one. This pedal pushes the boundaries of speed, power, and flexibility in bass drum performance.

Featuring an interchangeable Cam System, Pearl's exclusive innovation allows for four switchable cams that instantly alter the feel and power of the pedal to match your playing style. The Powershifter Function fine tunes the drive angle with three positions for a light, regular, or strong feel.

With customizable features like Independent Traction Grips, NiNja axle bearings, and the Click-Lock Spring Adjustment, you can personalize your drumming experience like never before. The Control Core Quadbeater offers four switchable playing surfaces, including two hard plastic and two felt, with the added feel of the Control Core elastomer center.

The pedal offers various drive options including Single Chain, Dual Chain, and Multiple Cams. The package includes two cams (Progressive, Perfect Circle) and comes with four included cams and two optional cams for purchase separately.

For those looking for a double pedal option, Pearl offers the P932, P2052C, and P3002C, as well as left-handed options like the P932L and P2052CL. The pedal also offers different beater options such as the Control Core Duo (Hard Plastic, Felt), Control Core Quadbeater (Two Hard Plastic, Two Felt), and Control Core (Felt w/Elastomer Center).

  • Interchangeable Cam System (US.PAT.#6172291)
  • 4 Individual Cams
  • Belt Drive: Provides a very comfortable, natural feel similar to a direct-drive system.
  • Click-lock Spring Adjustment
  • Control Core Quad Beater (US.PAT.#5610351)
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