Pearl Demon Chain Double Bass Drum Pedal (P3002C)

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  • Pearl Demon Chain Double Bass Drum Pedal (P3002C)
  • Pearl Demon Chain Double Bass Drum Pedal (P3002C)
  • Pearl Demon Chain Double Bass Drum Pedal (P3002C)

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Pearl P-3002C Demon Chain Double Pedal

Elevate your bass drum performance with the Pearl P-3002C Demon Chain Double Pedal. This precision-engineered pedal delivers a seamless blend of finesse and power, allowing you to connect with your bass drum effortlessly and perform at your best.

The P-3002C utilizes advanced technologies to enhance its performance. Pearl's Perfect Circle Cam and Z-Link Drive Shaft work in harmony, ensuring smooth and precise action. The Ninja skateboard bearings further contribute to the pedal's remarkable responsiveness, making every stroke of your foot feel effortless. The ultra-lightweight dual Power Chains provide classic chain power while maintaining lightning-fast response.

What sets the P-3002C apart is its versatility and ease of adjustment. The Duo-Deck footboards allow you to easily switch between short-board and long-board configurations, catering to your preferred playing style. Additionally, the pedal features adjustable cams and a Beater Stroke Adjustment feature, enabling you to fine-tune the pedal's action to suit your specific needs.

Key Features:

  • Responsive chain-drive bass drum double pedal with Demon Drive technology
  • Ultra-lightweight dual Power Chains for powerful performance and fast response
  • Full Circle Cam and Ninja skateboard bearings for smooth action and incredible speed
  • Z-Link Drive Shaft eliminates play for ultra-responsive performance
  • Duo-Deck footboards for easy configuration between short-board and long-board setups
  • Adjustable cams and Beater Stroke Adjustment for precise customization of pedal action

Experience the superior craftsmanship and exceptional performance of the Pearl P-3002C Demon Chain Double Pedal. With its impressive range of features and effortless response, this pedal empowers you to unleash your full potential on the bass drum.

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