Meinl's Classics Custom Dark Cymbals - Cymbals With a Deep, Dark Nature

Meinl's Classics Custom Dark Cymbals - Cymbals With a Deep, Dark Nature

With an epic character you define in a moment’s notice, these are not your standard power cymbals.

We’ve all been there. Your energy is soaring. Maybe you're with a band, and everyone is really clicking, or you've reached the height of your practice session.

You hit the last chorus of the song, and it feels like it's time to rip open the roof above you.

And once it's done, that's when it hits you—you aren't worn out because you haven't been playing through your cymbals. Your sticks may be chewed to pieces but you didn't lose touch with nuance and complexity along the way.

You sat comfortably on top of the mix with a serious punch but without overpowering with a glassy ring.

Classics Custom Dark Cymbals pack a punch. Period.

They are designed for players who need cymbals that cut with agility. They give you plenty of snap to be heard among a dense mix of electric guitars, while their presence echoes the darker nature of a deeply hammered cymbal.

Don't take our word for it, check out the deep complexity for yourself:

Classic features:

  • Extra hammering — you'll notice some of the craters are DEEP (hammering darkens and dries the sound while adding tonal complexity)
  • Additional lathing — bands of exposed brightly colored bronze accent the dark finish to help dial-in overtones
  • The use of B10 bronze — a solid, reliable and loud alloy that doesn't sound choked when you lay into it


  • B10 bronze alloy (90% copper / 10% tin)
  • Extra deep hammering
  • Lathe formed profile
  • Dark finish
  • Aggressive, yet dark and warm
  • For power or fusion players
  • Large selection of standard and effects cymbals
  • Made in Germany

Find our featured Meinl Classics Custom Dark pack here:

Meinl Cymbal Set Box Pack with 14” Hihats, 20” Ride, 16” Crash, Plus a FREE 18” Crash – Classics Custom Dark (CCD460+18)

Sep 8th 2022 Meinl

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