Mapex Falcon Chain-Drive Double Bass Drum Pedal (PF1000TW)

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MAPEX Falcon Double Bass Drum Pedal

The MAPEX Falcon double bass drum pedal features hollow, stainless steel drive shafts that provide strength without adding drag or excess weight. This design enhances the smooth operation of the pedals, giving them a sensational feel. The torque-free spring mechanisms move independently, resulting in exceptionally fluid stroke and recoil motions that feel natural to your feet. Each feature and adjustment on the Falcon pedal is engineered to make it feel like an extension of your feet.

  • Hollow, stainless steel drive shafts for strength and smooth operation
  • Compact footprint for comfortable positioning between Hi-Hat and snare stands
  • Patented Talon bass drum hoop clamp for secure attachment
  • Interchangeable cams for customizable performance
  • Reversible beater heads with interchangeable weights
  • Adjustable footboard and beater angles for personalized comfort
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