What is a Shell Pack?

What is a Shell Pack?

A shell pack, to put it simply, is a pack of acoustic drum shells. Drum sets can be sold as a shell pack for several reasons:

  • The drum kit is mid to high end
  • The drummer has a preference on cymbals
  • The drummer has a preference on hardware
  • The manufacturer has decided to focus on the shells alone for a certain SKU

Most mid to high end shell packs will not come with hardware or cymbals. This is due to the fact that shell packs in this price range are usually sought out by either experienced drummers or customers that are interested in building out the components to their own drum set. When speaking about hardware, the shell-related hardware is always included. This includes rims, lugs, tension rods, bass drum spurs, and any other essential parts which keep the shells together.

Most drummers have very specific tastes in their cymbal choice. Cymbals comes in hundreds of different varieties with different shapes, sizes, and thicknesses that profoundly impact their projected sound. Additionally, drummers will also seek out different sounding cymbals based on their play-style or specific sound needed for a part in a song or recording. Certain genres of music may also require less or more volume or sustain from the cymbals, making the drummer's selections an integral part of the music's composition.

There are many different ranges in quality of drum hardware for drummer's to select from, as well. Each major drum manufacturer has tiers of hardware quality based on features of the hardware, strength of materials, and price point. Some features of hardware are more important to drummers than others, such as double bracing or weight. All of the factors when deciding on hardware can affect the comfortability of the drummer while playing.

At Pineville Music we sell a large variety of shell packs, cymbals, hardware, full drum sets, and partial drum sets. While some shell packs will feature images of a full drum kit for illustrative purposes, the title and description will indicate that a particular item is a shell pack and not a full drum set. We are happy to give recommendations for shell packs, cymbals, and hardware for your next purchase based on decades of drumming experience and knowledge of gear.

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Shell Packs at Pineville Music

Nov 1st 2022 Charles Deffenbaugh

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