Mapex Armory 5-piece Rock Shell Pack - Night Sky Burst (AR529SVL)

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Mapex Armory 5-Piece Shell Pack Overview

In a soundscape filled with guitars vying for attention, the right drum kit can make all the difference. The Mapex Armory shell pack offers a distinctive presence with its sharp, focused attack and impeccable style. Its core, crafted from hand-selected maple, delivers a sound familiar and cherished by drummers from various musical backgrounds. When it's time to perform, the birch inner and outer plies of the Mapex Armory refine the attack, creating a sound that's perfect for close-miking. Furthermore, the SONIClear bearing edges from Mapex ensure drumheads sit perfectly flat, broadening the tuning range and emphasizing the deep, fundamental tones of the drum.

Key Features:

  • Maple/Birch Shells: The kick and toms, made from select maple and surrounded by birch plies, ensure the Armory's shells resonate deeply while delivering a clean attack.
  • SONIClear Bearing Edges: Ever noticed how some drumheads wobble or drag on the shells? That's a sign of lost tone and tuning potential. The SONIClear edges are designed to seat drumheads so flawlessly that even when hand-tensioned, they deliver an undiluted tone. This feature expands the tuning spectrum, especially for those who lean towards deeper tones, and ensures consistent pitch quality.
  • Enhanced Tom Hardware: The SONIClear tom suspension mounts along with the floor tom feet augment the natural resonance of the Mapex Armory shells.
  • Tomahawk Steel Snare: A favorite among rock and metal drummers, the included Tomahawk steel snare in the Armory pack stands out with its deep resonance, sharp cut, and heightened sensitivity.
  • Additional Features:
    • Premium style and innovation at an affordable price.
    • Exquisite wood veneer finishes.
    • SONIClear bearing edges that optimize tone and tuning range.
    • Enhanced resonance thanks to the included SONIClear suspension mounts and floor tom feet.
    • Note: This pack includes the shell only. All other hardware is sold separately.

The Mapex Drums Armory 5-piece Shell Pack represents a harmonious blend of design, innovation, and performance, making it a top choice for contemporary drummers.

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