Mapex Armory 5-piece Fusion Shell Pack - Night Sky Burst (AR504SVL)

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Mapex Armory 5-Piece Shell Pack

In the world of music, it's a constant battle for a drum kit to claim its sonic territory, especially amidst a group of guitars. The Mapex Armory shell pack ensures you don't just blend in, but distinctly stand out. Designed for a precise attack and unparalleled style, the Mapex Armory not only sounds phenomenal but looks the part too. Its carefully selected maple core is complemented by birch inner and outer plies, culminating in an instrument with character and depth.

Distinctive Features:

  • Dynamic Sound Profile: The harmonious blend of maple and birch gives the Armory shell pack a modern, focused attack, ensuring you always cut through the mix.
  • SONIClear Bearing Edges: Mapex's proprietary SONIClear bearing edges ensure that drumheads sit perfectly on the shell, broadening the tuning range and producing a cleaner, deeper fundamental tone.
  • Optimal Resonance: The inclusion of SONIClear tom suspension mounts and floor tom feet further amplify the natural resonance of the Armory shells.
  • Tomahawk Steel Snare: A dream for rock and metal enthusiasts, the Tomahawk steel snare is characterized by its deep, throaty growl, sharp cut, and heightened snare sensitivity.
  • Snare Trade-in Plan: The Armory's snare trade-in program helps you find the perfect snare that aligns with your musical style.
  • Note: This pack includes the shell only. All other hardware is sold separately.

With a harmonious fusion of style, innovation, and value, the Mapex Drums Armory 5-piece Shell Pack is the preferred choice for the discerning drummer of today.

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