Zildjian Traditional Orchestral Gong 40 in. (P0502)

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Zildjian Orchestral Series Hand-Hammered Gongs

The Zildjian Orchestral Series Hand-Hammered Gongs stand as the premier choice for the world's top symphony orchestras. Crafted in China following a centuries-old tradition, these gongs are made from a single piece of cast, hand-hammered material. They deliver a rich, complex blend of high and low tones, complemented by warm overtones and the capacity for strong attack when needed. Available in various sizes, including 26-inch (P0499), 30-inch (P0500), 34-inch (P0501), and 40-inch (P0502), these gongs offer versatility for different musical settings.

  • Preferred Choice: The go-to option for leading symphonies worldwide.
  • Construction: One-piece, cast, hand-hammered craftsmanship based on ancient Chinese techniques.
  • Sound Complexity: Offers a rich blend of highs and lows, complemented by warm overtones.
  • Attack: Capable of delivering strong attack when required.
  • Size Options: Available in 26-inch (P0499), 30-inch (P0500), 34-inch (P0501), and 40-inch (P0502) sizes.
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