Zero Glide Slotted ZS-14 Acoustic Guitar Nut System

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  • Zero Glide Slotted ZS-14 Acoustic Guitar Nut System
  • Zero Glide Slotted ZS-14 Acoustic Guitar Nut System
  • Zero Glide Slotted ZS-14 Acoustic Guitar Nut System
  • Zero Glide Slotted ZS-14 Acoustic Guitar Nut System

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Zero Glide Nut System: Revolutionizing Fretted Instruments

Introducing the Zero Glide Nut System, an innovative upgrade that enhances the "zero-fret" concept by integrating a specially-made nickel-silver fret with a patented bone nut. Designed to fit seamlessly into the existing nut slot of any fretted instrument, this system significantly improves tuning stability and equalizes the tonal quality of open and fretted strings.

Key Features of Zero Glide

  • 93% Less Friction: Drastically reduces the contact between the string and the nut, enhancing tuning stability.
  • Perfect Action at the First Fret: Comes with four frets of graduated heights to ensure optimal string action from the outset.
  • No Permanent Modifications: Easily fits into the stock nut slot without altering your instrument permanently.
  • Consistent Tone: Open-string tone matches fretted-string tone, providing a consistent sound across the board.
  • Minimal Wear: Durable design that minimizes wear on both strings and the nut.

Advantages Over Standard Nuts

The Zero Glide Nut System offers seamless action adjustment, enabling flawless playability right from the start. The precision cut of the system ensures a perfect fit for all types of fretted instruments, with over 30 variations available to suit different makes and models. Opt for the Zero Glide to bridge the gap between the fretboard and nut, allowing strings to glide smoothly without causing damage.

Customizable Options

For those seeking a tailored experience, Zero Glide also provides unslotted 'blank' nuts, allowing for custom modifications to precisely meet your playing needs.

Models & Specifications

  • 16" Radius
  • String Spacing: 37.5 mm
  • Total Length: 44.5 mm
  • Center Height: 11.7 mm
  • Width: 5.9 mm
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