Yamaha YAC REP Replica Series Allen Vizzutti Trumpet Mouthpiece

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Though it’s a fact little known outside professional circles, Yamaha has been producing special custom-made mouthpieces for hundreds of the world’s top players at our R&D Ateliers for many years. These artists were not satisfied with any commercial models available. They came to us because they had confidence that if anyone had the skill needed to create their own ‘dream’ mouthpiece, it was Yamaha. The players knew from the experience gained in their long careers exactly the kind of sound and response they wanted, and our technicians knew from their long experience in crafting instruments how to deliver it.

  • 16.67mm inner rim diameter
  • Semi-flat rim contour
  • Semi-thick rim, very shallow cup depth
  • Clear, focused sound
  • Plays evenly in all registers