Yamaha 14x6.5 Recording Custom Aluminum Snare Drum (RAS1465)

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Yamaha Recording Custom Aluminum Snare Drum

Yamaha Recording Custom Aluminum Snare Drum (RAS1465)

The Yamaha Recording Custom Aluminum Snare Drum, model RAS1465, stands as a pinnacle of Yamaha's snare drum craftsmanship. Influenced by the expertise of renowned drummer Steve Gadd, this drum is engineered for a crisp, articulate sound. The unique design, with the center bead extending to the outer edge, allows for an exceptionally open tonal quality.

Key features of this 14x6.5 snare drum include:

  • 1.2mm thick Aluminum shell
  • 45-degree bearing edges
  • 10 single-piece lugs
  • 3.0mm AL-DC hoops
  • Q type throw-off
  • DC3 type butt-plate
  • 25-strand snare wires
  • Coated Ambassador by Remo head

Additional Information

  • Manufacturer: Yamaha
  • Model Number: RAS1465
  • Size: 14x6.5 inches
  • Shell Material: Aluminum
  • Color/Finish: Aluminum
  • UPC: 889025106283
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