Xotic Bass RC Booster V2 (BRCV2)

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  • Xotic Bass RC Booster V2 (BRCV2)
  • Xotic Bass RC Booster V2 (BRCV2)

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Xotic Effects Bass RC Booster V2 Pedal

The Xotic Effects Bass RC Booster V2 is designed to deliver a transparent boost specifically tailored for bass guitars. It enhances the natural harmonics of your instrument and opens up your sound, now featuring even more gain for robust performance. This pedal is especially suited to overcome signal loss and the EQ limitations that are common with vintage basses, ensuring your tone is never masked but rather enhanced.

Core Features

  • Super Transparent Clean Boost: Offers over 20dB of clean boost, perfect for enhancing your bass tone without distortion.
  • Flexible EQ Settings: Features an adjustable +/-15dB two-band active EQ, allowing you to finely tune your bass frequencies and maintain clarity.
  • Extended Headroom: Capable of running at 18V, which provides additional headroom for a clearer, more defined sound.
  • Compact and Robust: Measures 4.39" x 2.38" x 1.98" (110mm X 60mm X 50mm) and weighs only 0.6 lbs. (280g), making it a lightweight and sturdy addition to your pedalboard.

Technical Specifications

  • Power Options: Operates on 9VDC/6mA or 18V/6mA, with the option to use a single 9V battery.
  • AC Adapter: Compatible with a 9VDC, negative tip (regulated recommended) adapter for consistent power supply.
  • Input Impedance: 1M ohm to ensure there's no tone loss.
  • Output Impedance: 2K ohm, optimized for the best signal path between other pedals or your amplifier.

The Bass RC Booster V2 by Xotic Effects is an ideal choice for bass players looking to enhance their sound with clarity and richness, ensuring their natural tone always shines through.

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