Vacuum Tube - KT66, Tube Amp Doctor, Premium Selected, Single

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The Tube Amp Doctor KT-66 Tube: A Classic British Sound Remade

The Tube Amp Doctor KT-66 is a superb recreation of the iconic British tube. Featuring a large glass envelope with smooth curves leading into a rounded brown base, the TAD KT-66 not only mimics the appearance of the original, but also delivers the same exceptional performance.

This KT-66 tube provides ample headroom for a rich, full-bodied sound with smooth and articulate highs. Renowned for its use in vintage British plexi amps, the TAD KT-66 is an ideal replacement for amplifiers of that style and more. Matched for both plate current and transconductance, the TAD KT-66 undergoes rigorous testing in the TAD Premium Selection process.

Compatible with any KT-66 position, as well as 6L6GC and 5881 amps that can supply the required 1.27A for the heater, the TAD KT-66 is a versatile and reliable option for achieving that classic British sound.

  • Large glass envelope with smooth curves
  • Delivers rich, full-bodied sound with articulate highs
  • Compatible with vintage British plexi amps
  • Matched for plate current and transconductance
  • Can be used in KT-66, 6L6GC, and 5881 amp positions
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