Tung-Sol Reissue Vacuum Tubes - Matched Trio (12AX7/ECC83)

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Tung-Sol 12AX7 / ECC83

If the price of NOS 12AX7 tubes has you concerned, consider the Tung-Sol 12AX7 made in Russia as an excellent alternative. Known for its low noise and minimal microphonics, this tube is especially suitable for most applications. However, for high-gain phonostages, the new Mullard re-issue might be a more fitting choice. This Tung-Sol tube offers stunning mid-range clarity, dynamic responsiveness, and a captivating 3D soundstage. If you prefer a slightly more relaxed top end, you might want to consider the Mullard re-issue. The listed price is for a single tube.

Special Note

It's worth mentioning that the filaments in these Tung-Sol tubes are largely enclosed within the plate structure. Therefore, if you notice that they don't glow as brightly as some of your other 12AX7 tubes, there's no need for concern. This is a normal characteristic of this particular tube.

  • Low Noise: Known for very low noise and microphonics.
  • Alternative to NOS: A cost-effective alternative to pricier NOS 12AX7s.
  • Sound Quality: Features gorgeous mids, beautiful dynamics, and a 3D soundstage.
  • High-Gain Phonostages: For high-gain applications, consider the Mullard re-issue.
  • Price: The listed price is for one tube.
  • Filament Visibility: Filaments are mostly encased, so a dimmer glow is normal.
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