Tone Ninja Slotted Nut for Epiphone and PRS - Black (TN-NUT-005-B1)

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Tone Ninja USA Made Slotted Nut for Epiphone and PRS - Black

Tone Ninja guitar nuts provide a state-of-the-art solution for your guitar's nut needs, with features that set it apart from traditional materials. Crafted from a carefully selected engineering polymer, these nuts offer performance improvements in tone, fit, and tuning.

Material Evolution

Traditionally, nuts were made of materials like bone and ivory. As technology advanced, other materials were explored. Tone Ninja, however, has chosen an acetal copolymer with glass fiber reinforcement for its specific characteristics:

  • High Density: To transmit superior tone
  • Low Friction: Prevents sticking and binding
  • Easy Workability: Allows for perfect custom fits
  • Wear Resistance: Ensures long-lasting performance

The Importance of the Nut

The nut is crucial in the "Tone Chain" that influences your guitar's sound, but it also affects other areas:


  • Manufactured using an engineered polymer for consistent density and vibration transmission.


  • Precision slotted for most common instruments
  • Designed slightly oversize for final adjustments
  • Material is easy to work for that perfect fit


  • Material naturally self-lubricating for smooth tuning
  • Perfectly engineered slots for no binding


Tone Ninja's slotted nut is designed to be a cutting-edge solution for modern guitars, offering benefits in tone, tuning, and fit. Made specifically for Epiphone and PRS guitars and featuring a sleek black design, this product ensures that your guitar not only sounds its best but also maintains tuning stability and ease of play.

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