Tama Speed Cobra 910 Double Bass Drum Pedal

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Long footboard Rapidly accelerates the power and speed of the beater stroke, with less physical effort than ever before Swivel Spring Tight Enables a straight spring pull during the pedal’s entire cycle, resulting in the smoothest, lightest action ever found on a bass drum pedal Bearing Hinge Holds the bearing more evenly, which minimizes stress, and maximizes smoothness, while adding to the pedal’s sense of power LiteSprocket Provides a natural feel and smooth action while decreasing weight by 40% Cobra Coil Ensures the footboard’s fastest possible return to its original position, without adding any extra resistance

  • Long footboardsLiteSprocketQuick-Hook spring attachmentsFASTBALL bearingsCobra Coil return springsSpeedo-Ring rocker camsSwivel Spring Tight tension postAccu-Strike Cobra BeaterPara-Clamp II Pro3pc Hinged Guard BlockSuper Stabilizer DesignHard shell carrying case included
  • In the world of bass pedal design, speed and power had long been contrary qualities
  • One could not be accomplished without compromising the other
  • Speed Cobra was the first to break those boundaries, delivering both aggressive power and lightning fast speed!The Speed Cobra HP910LWN is a double-kick drum pedal for the serious player
  • The extra long, smooth surface footboards provide added leverage that minimize player effort, and encourage a wide variety of foot-slide techniques
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