Ray Ross Chrome Saddle-Less 4-String Bass Bridge (RRB4C)

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Revolutionary Tone Pin Saddle Design - Amplify Your Sound Quality

Experience a revolutionary improvement in your guitar's sound with our Tone Pin Saddle Design. This unique system routes your strings straight through the tone pin, eliminating the common 'kink'. This adjustment allows more vibrational energy to be channeled into the string, enhancing dynamics and producing longer, piano-like sustain.

Main Features of the Tone Pin Saddle Design:

  • Improved Dynamics and Sustain: By eliminating the string "kink", more vibrational energy is transferred into the string, enhancing your instrument's dynamics and creating a longer, piano-like sustain.
  • Lateral Height Adjustments: Our design allows side-to-side adjustments of the collar, which enables the saddle to rise and lower while maintaining full contact with the bridge plate. This preserves the string vibration's connection to the instrument's body, unlike traditional height adjustment screws.
  • Effortless Intonation Adjustments: Make precision intonation adjustments effortlessly. Utilizing the included tool or a small Allen wrench, a simple left to right motion will smoothly move the saddle back and forth for precise tuning.

Upgrade your guitar's sound with our innovative Tone Pin Saddle Design, enabling a more resonant, expressive, and precisely tuned playing experience.

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