Ray Ross Brass Saddle-Less 4-String Bass Bridge (FRRB4R)

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Presenting the Revolutionary Tone Pin Saddle Design

Experience the power of innovation with Ray Ross' revolutionary Tone Pin Saddle Design. The unique design eliminates the string "kink", harnessing more vibrational energy into the string. The result? Increased dynamics and a longer, piano-like sustain.

Key Features:

  • Strings go straight through the Tone Pin, removing the "kink" and improving energy transmission for increased dynamics and sustain.
  • Lateral Height Adjustments: This feature enables side to side adjustments of the collar, allowing the saddle to raise and lower while maintaining full contact with the bridge plate. This design ensures optimal string vibration and connection to the body of the instrument.
  • Easy Intonation Adjustments: Precision intonation adjustments are simple to make. Use the included tool or a small Allen wrench to smoothly bring the saddle back and forth.

Unleash the full potential of your instrument with our Tone Pin Saddle Design, engineered for better sound and ease of use.

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