Pearl Jesus Diaz Signature Quinto - Brushed Platinum (PCW110DXPJD580)

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In a lot of ways, the Pearl Jesus Diaz Signature Series of congas looks pretty ordinary - another variation of conga design to add to the pile. But if you take a second look, you'll notice a lot of innovation that takes these instruments to a new level of convenience and comfort, all without sacrificing sound. These drums feature a cut-out sound port hole on the front of each conga, which makes them perfect for a sitting drummer. Sound will project as though they're on stands even when they are resting flat on the ground! On top of that, they have a newly-designed rim that is specifically made to reduce impact on your hands. The Quick Release lug is slotted to let you remove the tension rod without fully removing the nut, just as an extra convenience. These drums are extremely versatile and convenient, perfect for players who are looking to upgrade to something that will give them some more options. These drums are made of Thai Oak, with polished steel hardware and a buffalo skin drum head for a natural and authentic ton. The extra girth of the body helps allow for more tone and depth from each note as well!
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