Pearl 795 Elegante Series Flute 795RBECD

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  • Pearl 795 Elegante Series Flute 795RBECD
  • Pearl 795 Elegante Series Flute 795RBECD
  • Pearl 795 Elegante Series Flute 795RBECD
  • Pearl 795 Elegante Series Flute 795RBECD
  • Pearl 795 Elegante Series Flute 795RBECD

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The Pearl Elegante 795RBECD is an outstanding choice for the advanced student. The head joint, body and foot joint are made of solid silver, which help in generating a warm full tone, while the key work is silver plated. The head joint paired with this model is the Forza, whia

Pearl Elegante 795RBECD Flute Overview

The Pearl Elegante 795RBECD stands out as an excellent choice for advanced flute students seeking a high-quality instrument. Crafted with precision, this flute combines top-notch materials and innovative design features to enhance musical expression and playing comfort.

Exceptional Tone and Build Quality

The Elegante 795RBECD features a body, head joint, and foot joint all made from solid silver, contributing to its rich and warm tonal qualities. The silver-plated key work not only adds durability but also provides a smooth playing experience.

Advanced Features for Sophisticated Play

Equipped with the Forza head joint, known for its advanced cut, this flute allows more experienced players to achieve precise articulation and dynamic control. The open hole design, paired with Pearl's innovative pinless mechanism, enhances the flute's response and overall reliability.

Detailed Specifications

  • Configuration: B-foot, offset G, split E, C-sharp trill, and a D-sharp roller
  • Key Type: Open hole (French hole)
  • Construction: One-piece core bar construction for added stability
  • Material: Solid silver body and foot joint for enhanced tonal warmth
  • Mechanism: Pearl's renowned pinless mechanism for smooth operation

Designed to meet the needs of ambitious students and performance artists alike, the Pearl Elegante 795RBECD delivers both aesthetic elegance and musical excellence.

ch has a more sophisticated cut suitable for more advanced players. This French hole (open) features a one-piece core bar construction and Pearl's pin less mechanism. This configuration includes, b-foot, offset G, split E, C-sharp trill and a D-sharp roller.
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