Ovation 91412Z Leaf Woven Strap Red

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Experience a seamless blend of past and present with Ovation's redesigned Ovation strap, model 91412z. Rooted in the 1970's Ovation aesthetic, the strap boasts modern enhancements while preserving its vintage charm.

  • Design: This strap is a tribute to the original Ovation design from the 70's. The modernized 'Leaf' design represents the oak leaves, a signature motif present in Ovation soundhole rosettes since their early years.
  • Material: Crafted with a sturdy, thick cotton webbing, the weight-bearing part of the strap ensures a blend of comfort and strength. Leather ends add a premium touch and additional durability.
  • Visual Appeal: The strap's surface is adorned with a woven nylon, white on black pattern, mirroring the original design. This striking visual design makes it not just a strap, but a fashion statement.
  • Width: With a 2" width, this strap remains true to the style of the times, providing ample support while keeping the retro vibe intact.
  • Branding: The front-facing leather end proudly displays an embossed Ovation logo, symbolizing the brand's legacy and commitment to quality.

In essence, this is not just a strap - it's a nod to Ovation's rich history, a testament to their ongoing innovation, and an emblem of their commitment to their musicians.

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