Other, Tuner (CA50)

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  • Other, Tuner (CA50)
  • Other, Tuner (CA50)
  • Other, Tuner (CA50)
  • Other, Tuner (CA50)

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A New Standard in Tuning: The CA-50

Experience a portable, pocket-sized tuning solution with the CA-50. This tuner is designed for orchestral instruments and offers improved visibility compared to its predecessors. The CA-50 boasts high-precision tuning capabilities in a sleek and compact design. The display on the new CA-50 is now even easier to read, making it a top choice for musicians.

  • An even more readable display, with a larger note name indication
  • A wide detection range supports tuning for any instrument
  • Calibration function is provided
  • Marks provided to indicate pure major and minor third intervals
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