Meinl Percussion Frame Drum (NINO5OW)

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The multi-colored customizable NINO ABS hand drums offer more than just tonal variety. The durable ABS plastic frame and synthetic head ensure longevity of the instrument while always maintaining a musical sound. The pre-tuned synthetic heads feature a customizable design that may be filled in with the included Pack of colored safe to use markers. Young musicians can come up with their own unique color patterns right on the drum itself, adding a new element of fun playing percussion instruments.

  • Customizable frame drum (owl graphic) – these 100% synthetic, pre-tuned drums can be played like any normal drum, with the added bonus of a stencil design that may be colored in!
  • Includes safe to use markers – 12 colored, non-toxic markers come with the drum - the stencil design may be colored in however young musicians (and artists) see fit
  • ABS plastic frame – the 10” diameter ABS plastic frame is lightweight, durable and weather resistant, so the drums may be played indoors or outside
  • Synthetic head – Nino hand drums are equipped with pre-tuned synthetic heads for great sound and longevity – these heads will maintain their tuning and can be played with a beater or hands
  • Includes wooden beater – Nino percussion hand drums include matching wooden beaters, but the drums may also be played with the hand as well
  • Great for classroom music – whether played alone or with a group, the performance and sound quality of Nino instruments make them the ideal choice for young musicians and those who teach them
  • For ages 3 and up – this instrument is made for young musicians age 3 and up - it’s important to know that these are real instruments, offering premium quality at a scaled down size with fun colors that are best suited for young players
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