Mike Balter Pro Vibe Medium Hard Vibe Mallets (B22B)

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Balter Pro Vibe Medium-Hard Vibraphone Mallets: Worldwide Best Sellers

There's no happenstance when it comes to achieving the status of worldwide best sellers. The Balter Pro Vibe Medium-Hard Vibraphone Mallets have certainly earned their well-regarded reputation with their exceptional design and performance characteristics. The perfect balance and weight of these mallets make them suitable for both indoor and outdoor playing situations, marking them as one of the most versatile pairs available in the market. These mallets feature cord-wrapped medium-hard heads that offer enhanced articulation across the entire keyboard range, and are equipped with extra-durable birch handles to withstand all-day rehearsals and high-energy performances.

Key Features of Balter Pro Vibe Medium-Hard Vibraphone Mallets:

  • Part of Balter's best-selling Pro Vibe series
  • Perfectly weighted and balanced for diverse playing situations
  • Cord-wrapped medium-hard heads for enhanced articulation
  • Durable birch handles for long-lasting use

Experience the outstanding performance and versatility of Balter Pro Vibe Medium-Hard Vibraphone Mallets.

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