Meinl Cymbals CC4680-TRB Classics Custom Pack Triple Bonus Cymbal Box Set with FREE 8" Bell, FREE 10" Splash and FREE 12" Trash Splash

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Included in the classics custom triple bonus set with three free cymbals are 14" Medium Hi Hats, 16" Medium Crash, 18" Medium Crash, 20" Medium ride, 16" Trash crash, 18" China, Plus a free 8" Medium bell, free 10" Splash and a free 12" Trash splash. These commonly found cymbal sizes will not only complete a drum set but will maximize your sound with the variety of sonic alternatives. The classics custom 14" Medium Hi Hats provide a crisp, bright "chick" Sound with excellent stick definition. These Hi Hats have a medium range pitch With plenty of cut and projection that allows them to easily blend well on stage. The 16" And 18" Medium crashes have an immediate response with a full-bodied sustain mixed with mid-range tones to provide a great overall wash. The 20" Medium ride combines a well-defined ping with a shimmering sustain and mid-range pitched undertones. The bell of the ride cymbal is penetrating, yet not overpowering for adding colorful accents or when the music level has peaked. Dig in for a unique effect with the 16" Trash crash. Its specially cut holes that add trashiness and bite, perfect for riding effects. A Chorus of shimmering trashiness is easy to reach with the 18" China. Along with this full set of brilliant cymbals are three free bonus items from the classics custom line: an 8" Bell, 10" Splash, and a 12" Trash splash. These cymbals are designed to cue in serious sound while adding to the wall of effects You will be able to achieve with this set. The bell and splash may be mounted inverted over larger cymbals to eliminate the need for more stands. The 12" Trash splash is not only great on its own, It makes for a superb stacking cymbal that blends with any other small or large crash or China cymbal, and it may also be used on a snare drum for a hand clap sound effect.
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