Mapex Saturn Evolution Workhorse 5-piece Shell Pack - Maple & Walnut - Iridium Silver

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The Mapex Saturn Evolution Workhorse Maple Shell Pack

The Mapex Saturn Evolution Workhorse Maple Shell Pack is the newest addition to the renowned Mapex Saturn series, offering a bold and contemporary take on the classic Saturn Sound. With cutting-edge technology from the Mapex Design Lab, such as the innovative Halo Mounting System and a hybrid maple-walnut shell formula, these drums provide exceptional playability and superior tone that will meet the needs of even the most demanding drummers. Drummers at GearNuts rave about the meticulous attention to detail in every aspect of the Saturn Evolution Workhorse drums, resulting in a top-of-the-line kit that is sure to elevate any performance!

- Bold and contemporary twist on the classic Saturn Sound - Innovative Halo Mounting System for premium playability - Hybrid maple-walnut shell formula for superior tone - Meticulous attention to detail in design elements
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