Mapex Saturn 5-piece Studioease Shell Pack - Teal Blue Fade

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The latest Mapex Saturn Series shell packs blend time-honored maple/walnut shells with bleeding-edge shell tech borrowed from the Black Panther Design Lab — along with enough jaw-dropping finish options to please a wide range of drummer tastes. Each piece in this set has been molded to meet the needs of demands of stage and studio professionals. You get thin, 6-ply hybrid shells crowned with Mapex's precision SONIClear bearing edges, Remo USA heads, and Mapex Power Hoops to deliver great tone and tuneability from day one. You also get Mapex's advanced shell venting, suspension tom mounting, and floating SAS floor tom legs for excellent note length and projection. Factor in those iconic Saturn Series badges and lugs, and the Mapex Saturn from GearNuts is a clear winner in its class.
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