Mapex Armory Series 6-Piece Studioease Shell Pack - Ultramarine

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Mapex's Armory Series is a mid-tier drum range in terms of price, but the build quality of the shells, their features and ultimately their sound makes them worthy of high-end praise. With many of their features deriving from the flagship Saturn series, the Armory shell pack is built for performance, with virtually no hindrances to your playing. All Armory shells come with the SONIClear Bearing Edge as standard, a premium feature that enhances tone and projection. As the drumhead sits flatter, it improves contact with the shell itself to create a deeper vibration that gives a more solid response. Another advantage of the SONIClear design is that your tuning will be far more level and consistent, so even if you're a hard hitter, the shells won't detune quickly over a set. As standard, all Mapex Armory shell packs include a Tomahawk snare drum. With a 1mm thick steel shell, this snare has a strong high-end presence that could cut through even the most frantic of mixes. Its material also lends itself to more articulate playing, bringing out ghost notes with supreme clarity so that the quieter dynamics and nuances of your playing style are noticed.
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