Liebenzeller Gold I Violin Rosin

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Liebenzeller Gold I Violin Rosin

Liebenzeller Gold I Violin Rosin has been meticulously handcrafted in a small village in the German Black Forest for over 40 years. Its unique recipe, developed in the workshop of Viennese violin maker Dr. Thomastik in 1922, sets it apart from other rosins. Each batch is made with care, incorporating delicate bubbles that enhance the rosin's special quality and spirited nature.

Liebenzeller rosin is created using pure larch resin combined with different metals. This combination produces livelier, warmer, and brighter sounds, enabling enhanced tonal volume, greater modulation, and carrying power. It allows the instrument's individual sound to shine effortlessly, while also compensating for any one-sided tones. The rosin promotes an excellent and even response from the bow, minimizing ambient noise.

Choosing the Right Rosin

Choosing the right rosin is crucial, as it greatly influences the sound produced while playing. Liebenzeller rosin not only enhances the sound of a string instrument but also nurtures the player's creativity with minimal effort. We are proud to reintroduce Liebenzeller rosin to the United States after a period of unavailability.

Variety of Sounds

Liebenzeller rosin is available with the following metal additions, each providing a unique sound:

  • Gold: Uniquely balanced, offering a full, round, warm, bright, and crisp sound. It is transparent and light in high notes.
  • Grades I to VI: The softer grades (I to VI) make the harshness of an instrument milder and enhance it, while the harder grades provide more clarity.
  • Gold I: Uniquely balanced and more distinct (violin).
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