Hohner Corona Xtreme II 34-Button Accordion, GCF, Pearl Red

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Introducing the Hohner Corona Xtreme II Diatonic Accordion

The Hohner brand continues to innovate with the launch of the Hohner Corona Xtreme II Diatonic Accordion. This remarkable instrument harmoniously blends tradition with cutting-edge enhancements to deliver an unparalleled playing experience. Designed for both the dedicated musician and the enthusiastic novice, the Corona Xtreme II offers a sleek, modern aesthetic without sacrificing the classic sound that accordionists cherish.
The instrument boasts a wide range of features that cater to the needs of contemporary accordion players. With its improved mechanics and smoother button action, the Corona Xtreme II allows for faster, more fluid play. The re-engineered sound chambers produce a rich, powerful tone, ensuring that each note resonates with clarity and warmth. Additionally, the accordion is built to be both durable and comfortable, with ergonomically crafted straps and a weight distribution that reduces fatigue during extended performances.
Whether you're playing on a grand stage or in an intimate folk setting, the Hohner Corona Xtreme II Diatonic Accordion is versatile enough to suit any genre and performance style. Its blend of traditional charm and contemporary functionality makes it a standout choice for accordionists worldwide.

  • Brand Heritage: The Hohner Corona Xtreme II continues the legacy of a brand renowned for quality accordion craftsmanship.
  • Innovative Design: The accordion features modern enhancements for superior playability and sound production.
  • Enhanced Mechanics: Upgraded button action for a smoother, faster response, catering to intricate playing techniques.
  • Rich Sound: Re-engineered sound chambers ensure each note is delivered with exceptional clarity and resonance.
  • Durability and Comfort: Constructed for longevity and designed with ergonomic straps for comfortable play during long sessions.
  • Versatility: An instrument fit for a variety of musical styles and performance environments.
  • Key of GCF, 34 Treble Keys, and 12 Bass Keys
  • Noiseless fingerboard and new dynamic action for easy playing.
  • Comes with back pad, gig bag, and ergoline straps - Made in Germany
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