Hercules Stands Transformer Microphone Stand with Clip (MS401B)

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  • Hercules Stands Transformer Microphone Stand with Clip (MS401B)
  • Hercules Stands Transformer Microphone Stand with Clip (MS401B)
  • Hercules Stands Transformer Microphone Stand with Clip (MS401B)

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Hercules Transformer Microphone Stand

When it comes to versatility and ease-of-use, the Hercules Transformer Microphone Stand stands out as a game-changer. Designed to adapt to any miking situation, this stand comes packed with features that make it a must-have for both amateurs and professionals alike.

Quick-N-EZ Features for Rapid Adjustments

The stand's Quick-N-EZ Butterfly Microphone Clip and Tilt Adjust functionalities make it incredibly user-friendly. Whether you're miking a drum set from overhead or working around other stands, the Transformer has got you covered.

Key Features

  • EZ Clutch: Adjust the stand's height effortlessly with the touch of a button and lock it securely in place.
  • Quick-N-EZ Tilt Adjust: Easily tilt the stand for specialized miking applications, such as drum overheads.
  • Quick-N-EZ Butterfly Microphone Clip: Secure your microphone quickly and safely, compatible with all standard-size mic stands.
  • Swiveling Tripod Legs: The tripod legs can be swiveled, offering even more options for stand placement.

Why Choose the Hercules Transformer Microphone Stand?

  • Highly adaptable for any miking situation.
  • Quick and easy adjustments for height and tilt.
  • Secure and fast microphone clipping.
  • Enhanced stand placement flexibility with swiveling tripod legs.
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