GP Series Heavyweight Trumpet Mouthpiece with Gold-plated Rim and Cup (YAC TR14C4-HGPR)

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Experience Orchestra-Style Sound with Yamaha TR-14C4-GP Heavyweight Trumpet Mouthpiece

If you're looking for a trumpet mouthpiece that can deliver an orchestra-style sound with excellent projection and volume, the Yamaha TR-14C4-GP is the perfect choice. This mouthpiece features a heavyweight outer profile, adding extra mass to the outside for a concentrated and powerful sound. However, it maintains the same internal dimensions as the standard TR-14C4, striking a balance between focus and power.

Yamaha designed the TR-14C4-GP with professionals in mind, particularly for symphonic and orchestra players who require a distinct tone. The specialized design elements of the GP Series mouthpieces provide the feel, response, and tone needed to fit in with the world's most renowned orchestras. The redesigned outer profile darkens and focuses the tone, creating a formidable sonic weapon.

Featuring an extra-heavy gold-plated cup and rim, the GP Series mouthpiece offers a smoother feel that some players prefer over silver. The gold plating does not significantly impact the sound but adds a touch of elegance. If you prefer a more concentrated sound, the Yamaha GP Series trumpet mouthpieces are the ideal choice.

Yamaha: Setting the Gold Standard

Yamaha is renowned for its commitment to quality in every product they create, from motorcycles to musical instruments. The brass instruments produced by Yamaha showcase their thoughtful and innovative engineering. Each instrument undergoes rigorous quality control measures before leaving their workshop, ensuring excellence in every detail.

The Yamaha TR-14C4-GP Heavyweight Trumpet Mouthpiece is no exception. It exemplifies the Yamaha difference and is crafted to ignite joy and passion in the player's heart. When you choose a Yamaha horn, you can expect it to surpass your expectations and deliver exceptional performance.

Features of the Yamaha TR-14C4-GP Heavyweight Trumpet Mouthpiece

  • Ideal for ensembles and orchestras
  • Heavyweight outer profile for a concentrated tone
  • Medium-flat rim shape for flexible playability
  • Standard (medium) cup depth for stability in all registers
  • 16.88mm cup diameter for comfortable playing
  • Standard backbore for reduced resistance
  • Gold-plated cup and rim for a smooth feel on your lips
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