Genalex Gold Lion E88CC / 6922 Gold Pins Preamp Vacuum Tube - Single

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Hi-Fi - With clarity and detail flowing over the entire musical bandwidth, the Genelex Gold Lion E88CC / 6922 tube presents an articulate tone very reminiscent of vintage hand selected Amperex E88CC tubes. A bold sounding tube that warmly embraces the midrange and low end without unbalancing the crystalline highs, the Genelex Gold Lion E88CC / 6922 marries the finest materials and surgical like construction resulting in the finest tube made today. The full shielding between the two triodes insures incredibly low cross-talk distortion, perfect for minute sources such as phonograph cartridges and tube microphones where every nuance is important. The noise canceling spiral filaments, thick structural mica spacers, and gold plated contact pins round out the finishing foundations that make this Genelex Gold Lion E88CC / 6922 tube the top choice for discriminating audiophile applications. Compare with other tubes here.
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