EVH 5150 Iconic Series Black 15-watt 1 x 10-inch Tube Combo Amp (2257300010)

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5150 Iconic Series Combo: The Sound of EVH Legacy

The 5150 Iconic Series combo embodies a seamless fusion of a tube-powered engine and a meticulously streamlined design, tailored to meet the demands of both recording artists and touring guitarists. With its origins rooted in the iconic hard rock tones of Edward Van Halen, this amp adds layers of contemporary flair, ensuring unparalleled versatility and depth in sound.

Primary Highlights:

  • Potent Dual Channels: Experience the heart-thumping blend of two ECC83 preamp tubes and a single 6L6 power tube, providing two distinct channels filled with intense hard rock firepower.
  • Versatile Tone-Shaping: Each channel boasts dual voicing, autonomous Gain and Volume controls, and a shared 3-band EQ. The global Resonance and Presence dials complete the suite for ultimate tone refinement.
  • Unparalleled Features: From a sublime reverb that lends depth to your chords, to a power reduction circuit for mammoth tones at modest volumes, and even a speaker-emulated output – this combo is the very essence of rock-ready.
  • Customized EVH Celestion Speaker: Dive into the harmonious interplay of pristine cleans and searing high-gain tones, all thanks to a dedicated 10-inch EVH Celestion speaker, perfectly matched with the combo's preamp circuit.
  • Sturdy Construction: Housed in an MDF cabinet with intrinsic plywood baffling, experience a low-frequency response that is both profound and incredibly precise.

Specific Features:

  • 15W, 2-channel, 1 x 10-inch tube amp, curated for Edward Van Halen's iconic sound.
  • Diverse channel voicing, with Channel 1 offering pristine cleans or crunch, and Channel 2 dishing out high-gain tones.
  • Custom-designed EVH Celestion speaker ensures clarity, depth, and precision.
  • Reverb adds dimension, while the power reduction circuit ensures powerful tones even at low volumes.
  • Features such as speaker-emulated output, dual parallel speaker outputs, and a high-quality effects loop make it a versatile choice.
  • Rugged exterior with a textured vinyl cover, brushed aluminum front panel, and black cloth grille.
  • Complete with 5150 and EVH logo badges, a molded plastic top handle, and a 2-button footswitch for effortless channel selection.

Inspired by the legendary tones of King Edward, the 5150 Iconic Series combo is not just an amplifier – it's an emblem of rock history, waiting to be unleashed.

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