DW DWCP5520-2 Hi-Hat Stand

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  • DW DWCP5520-2 Hi-Hat Stand
  • DW DWCP5520-2 Hi-Hat Stand

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The 5520-2 has a switchable double pedal option designed specifically for Latin players, these specialty hi-hats are designed to mount cowbells and jam blocks to play complex percussion patters on drum set.

  • DW’s patented Delta Ball-Bearing Hinge is a state-of-the-art lightweight aluminum design that incorporates ball bearings at both sides.
  • The unique Bearing Link Connector, which connects the footboard chain to the pull rod, for reduced friction and increased sensitivity.
  • Swivel Legs allow easy positioning of bass drum pedals and other stands around the Hi-Hat Stand..
  • Upper Rods come standard in two lengths (21" and 15"), allowing you to customize the Hi-Hat Stand for your specific needs.
  • The Turbo (TD3) concentric drive system maintains a direct relationship between the sprocket and the footboard to provide a solid, powerful, consistent feel and response.
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