DR Strings Pure Blues Nickel Heavy Electric Guitar Strings (PHR11)

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DR Pure Blues Electric Guitar Strings

DR Pure Blues Electric Guitar Strings: Vintage Tone with Modern Performance

DR Pure Blues Electric Guitar Strings are crafted to provide the authentic vintage sound with a modern twist. Made using a slow and detailed process, these strings feature pure nickel wrap wire wound on round cores. This method, while time-consuming and costly, results in strings known for their increased sustain, vintage tone, and rich low tones, ideal for transitioning from rhythm to lead playing.

The meticulous winding of pure nickel around a round core adds a surprising punch to these vintage-style strings, offering a unique combination of vintage feel and sonic power.

Key Features

  • Gauges: 11-14-18-28-38-50, providing a range of playing options.
  • Pure nickel wire outer wrap on round cores for a vintage yet dynamic sound.
  • Handcrafted process ensures a unique vintage feel and extra sonic punch.
  • Acclaimed for delivering a balance of sustain, vintage tone, and low end.
  • Suitable for various playing styles, from rhythm to lead.

The DR Pure Blues Electric Guitar Strings are a perfect choice for guitarists seeking the classic tones of yesteryear combined with the punch and clarity of modern string technology.

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