D'Andrea Snarling Dog Brain Nylon Guitar Picks 72 Pack Refill (Green, 0.53mm)

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D’Andrea USA’s Snarling Dog Brain Nylon Guitar Picks

D’Andrea USA’s Snarling Dog Brain Picks: The Ultimate Nylon Guitar Picks

D’Andrea USA’s Snarling Dog Brain Picks are acclaimed as the world's best nylon picks, perfect for guitarists who prefer the unique tone and feel of nylon. Renowned for their flexibility, these picks are ideal for both speed pickers and hard strummers, offering the pinnacle of precision and durability without compromising control. The Snarling Dog Brain Picks feature a coarse grid for a non-slip surface, ensuring maximum grip and control, especially during intense, fast-paced playing.

Their innovative color-coded system allows you to easily identify the pick's thickness, eliminating any confusion and speeding up your selection process.

Key Features

  • High-quality nylon material for flexibility and durability.
  • Engineered non-slip grip technology for superior control, even with sweaty hands.
  • Color-coded for easy identification of pick thickness.
  • Six assorted colors representing different gauges.
  • Includes a 72 pack refill in Green, 0.53mm.
  • Proudly made in the USA, ensuring top-notch quality.

Whether for studio sessions or live performances, D'Andrea Snarling Dog Brain Nylon Guitar Picks are the choice for guitarists seeking the perfect combination of tone, control, and durability.

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