Bigsby Gold Vibrato Tailpiece (B7G)

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Bigsby® B7™ Vibrato System

A Bigsby® equipped guitar offers an expressive and fluid sound that can only be produced by a true Bigsby vibrato. Renowned for its unparalleled performance and vintage style, the Bigsby tremolo is the go-to choice for guitar players seeking smooth and accurate pitch changes, enabling you to create subtle vibrato effects.

With its classic look and straightforward installation, the Bigsby tremolo has become a popular choice among both guitarists and luthiers. It not only delivers the iconic Bigsby sound but also adds a touch of vintage charm to your instrument, elevating your playing to new heights.

The Bigsby B7™ is a remarkable combination of the B3™ and B5™ models, incorporating a tension bar that increases the break angle over the bridge. Specifically designed for archtop solid body and semi-hollow body guitars, including the Gibson® Les Paul™ Standard/Custom and Gibson 335, the B7™ ensures exceptional performance and compatibility.


  • Designed for archtop solid body and semi-hollow body guitars
  • Constructed with a cast aluminum frame and stainless steel arm for durability
  • String mounting bar floating on low-friction needle bearings, allowing accurate return to pitch
  • Includes mounting hardware such as spring, washer, screws, and felt pads
  • Mounts with six supplied screws that attach to the guitar top (2) and near the strap button (4)
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