Meinl Sonic Energy 16" Hand/Frame Drum with Natural Goat Skin Head, Hardwood — NOT Made in China — for Meditation, Sound Healing Therapy and Yoga, 2-Year Warranty (HD16WB-EK)

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Meinl Sonic Energy Frame Drums are outfitted with a pre-tuned, hand-selected goat skin head that produces deep pitches with warm tones to fill your surroundings with a low and soft pulse that promotes relaxation. Ideal for meditation, yoga or sound healing therapy, this frame drum fits a variety of settings from yoga studios, close meditation spaces or sound baths in large, wide-open rooms. It's also perfect for using at home to relax or meditate on your own. We use a lightweight, rugged and tonally rich rubber wood for the frame that's simple to grip and easy to handle while playing, then we finish the wood in our elegant walnut brown stain. The frame measures 16” in diameter. Meinl Sonic Energy Frame Drums are easily accessible for all skill levels, and you can experiment with finding different sounds by tapping on the head with your fingers, hand or a soft felt mallet (mallet not included). No musical background required. This drum also provides outstanding low-end and can project a powerful percussive pulse when used in drum circle settings. Its size makes it easy for traveling and bringing to group percussion jam sessions. With a genuine sound and look, the natural rawhide is selected for uniform thickness to get an even sound and consistent, long-lasting pitch—please note, there will be color variations on each head due to the rawhide's natural, random pattern. The head of this drum features a decorative Endless Knot symbol that looks great on display when not in use.
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