Xotic Effects RC Booster Version 2 (RCB-V2)

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  • Xotic Effects RC Booster Version 2 (RCB-V2)
  • Xotic Effects RC Booster Version 2 (RCB-V2)
  • Xotic Effects RC Booster Version 2 (RCB-V2)

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Xotic RC Booster Version 2

Xotic's popular RC Booster has been updated with the RCB-V2, taking inspiration from the Scott Henderson RCB-SH model. This new version includes an additional gain channel for thicker tones and a super transparent 20dB+ clean boost. The adjustable +-15dB two band active EQ allows musicians to fine-tune their sound with precision and adds a wide range of harmonic content to their overall tone. Many players leave this pedal on at all times due to its transparency. True Bypass ensures no signal interference when the pedal is switched off. Running it at 18v provides even more headroom.

  • Added gain channel for fatter tones
  • Transparent 20dB+ clean boost
  • Adjustable +-15dB two band active EQ
  • True Bypass for signal purity
  • Option to run at 18v for increased headroom
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