Wood Violins Electric Violin Amplifier (WV-A-10D)

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  • Wood Violins Electric Violin Amplifier (WV-A-10D)
  • Wood Violins Electric Violin Amplifier (WV-A-10D)

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This dedicated electric violin amplifier, meticulously designed and developed by Mark Wood, is an ideal choice for both practice sessions and live performances. The amp is custom-voiced to deliver exceptional sound quality and offers versatile features to enhance your playing experience.

With a 2-band EQ featuring bass and treble control, you have precise control over shaping your violin's tone. Additionally, the amplifier includes a distortion channel that can provide a powerful and edgy sound, adjustable with a level control that goes all the way up to 11!

The variable delay with level control allows you to add depth and ambiance to your sound, while the headphone output ensures private practice sessions. The amp is designed to deliver a strong and impactful sound, making it the perfect companion for the Stingray SV-4 electric violin.

Featuring a 10-watt power output and 2-channel capability, this amp is well-suited for practice purposes. Additionally, when miked, it can also deliver impressive performance sound. The amp is thoughtfully equipped with a carrying handle, ensuring ease of transport and convenience.

Tech specs:

  • 10-watt, 2-channel amp - perfect for practice or performance (when miked)
  • Custom-voiced by Mark Wood
  • 2-band EQ with bass and treble control
  • Variable delay with level control
  • Headphone output
  • Carrying handle for ease of transport
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