PDP PDCM2215RB Concept Maple 5-Piece Drum Set Red to Black Sparkle Fade w/HW

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A BRAND NEW CONCEPT IN DRUMS IS HERE We’re proud to introduce a new concept, a completely re-imagined line of PDP drums designed for every drummer. Choose from Concept Maple or Concept Birch shells in a myriad of today’s most popular configurations. Add to that, high-end features like STM (Suspension Tom Mounts), True Pitch tension rods, MAG throw-off, die cast low-mass claw hooks, proportionate counter hoops and durable lacquer finishes, and you have a kit that unquestionably lives up to its DW roots. 18x22" 7-ply bass drum 8x10" 7-ply tom 9x12" 7-ply tom STM (Suspension Tom Mount) 14x16" 7-ply floor tom with legs 5.5x14" 10-ply snare drum PDDT700 Throne from PDP Custom Classic Double braced snare stand Custom Classic Double braced hi-hat stand with tension adjustment Custom Classic Double braced cymbal stand Custom Classic Double braced boom cymbal stand Custom Classic Chain drive bass drum pedal NOTE: Due to random grain patterns and color disparities in natural maple, drums may vary slightly in appearance. Add-on drums are most susceptible to these inconsistencies. No cymbals are included. All-maple shells: 7-ply on the and kick, 10-ply on the snare True Pitch tension rods Retro-inspired dual-turret tube lugs MAG throw-off Boutique-style copper snare wires Die cast low-mass claw hooks on bass drums Proportionate counter hoops Lacquer finish F.A.S.T. tom sizing Proportional counter hoop sizing; 1.5mm counter hoops on 10" drum, 2.0mm counter hoops on 12 & 16" drums, 2.5mm counter hoops on 14" snare REMO drum heads
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