NUX Mighty Electric Guitar Amplifier

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Mighty 20 BT is a 20 watt great sounding amplifier. It produces the sound of many different music styles and offers some useful high-quality built-in effects. Features: – 20 Watt Output – 1 x 8-inch speaker – 4 Channels (Clean, Overdrive, Metal, Lead) Each channel has 2 presets – Gain and Level controls, 3-band EQ (Bass – Mid – High) and Master Volume – 18 Variety of effects (Chorus, Phaser, Tremolo, Delay, and Reverb) – 3 types of Reverb and 3 types of Delay – 3 Effects can be activated at the same time (Mod – Delay – Reverb) – TAP TEMPO – 3.5mm Aux Input, Headphone Output – USB Input for future updates

  • 9 built-in effect: 3 types modulation effects, 3 types reverb and delay effects.
  • 4 Channels and Fully- 8 Customizable Presets
  • TAP TEMPO: set the delay speed by using the TAP button.
  • Explore the Musical Sounds.
  • The amp has both a headphone output and an aux in.