Move and Play with Boomwhackers Kit

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Movement is fun! This is what prompted the idea for "Move & Play with Boomwhackers", an innovative concept that links movement and music. The "Move & Play" concept is ideal for music classes, P.E. classes, or any activity incorporating music and dance. With a basic collection of 25 Boomwhackers, a group of 12 or more can perform all the included songs. Add Boomwhackers or other percussion, and even more people can participate! All of the elements introduced in "Move & Play" can be performed without extensive knowledge of music or dance. The accompanying CD contains both music and video for each of the songs. Set includes 25 Boomwhackers, Bag, Move and Play Book with CD, and 4 octavator caps.

  • 25 boomwhackers
  • Move & play book and cd
  • Octovator caps - lowers the tone by one octave when placed in one end
  • Carry bag