MONO M80 M80-TK1-BLK Electric Guitar Tick

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  • MONO M80 M80-TK1-BLK Electric Guitar Tick
  • MONO M80 M80-TK1-BLK Electric Guitar Tick
  • MONO M80 M80-TK1-BLK Electric Guitar Tick

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Take any MONO Vertigo or M80 Guitar Case, add the Tick, and you've got a super slick, streamlined rig ready for world travel. The Tick firmly attaches in just the right location, protecting your guitar from excess weight over the bridge. The pockets on your Vertigo or M80 case remain accessible and the load stays balanced whether wearing or carrying. With its integrated design, the Tick allows for quick access to your guitar or bass. No need to remove it. (Although that is an option too). Then once your guitar is out, the Tick becomes your workstation. Unzip the front panel of the Tick and your cables, strings and tools are right there for pre-show tune-ups. We're always trying to find the most elegant way to travel. This small case makes a big difference. Once you have the space, you'll find a brilliant way to use it. Create an onboard effects rig with a Pedaltrain Nano pedalboard. The Tick attaches quickly and securely to any Tick-ready MONO guitar case. Military grade webbing straps grab onto powder coated steel D-rings creating a 3 point connection. All Vertigo and M80 guitar cases are now shipped Tick-ready.

  • Outside Features Waterproof Sharkskin shell with industrial rubber piping (PVC-free) Military grade webbing straps for D-ring attachment (MONO Tick-ready guitar case required) Steel rivet reinforced handle Animal free
  • Inside Features Sized to fit Pedaltrain Nano pedalboards Removable storage pouch for instant customization Built in cable strap for managing extra cords Built in slots keep tools at the ready
  • 3 Year Warranty
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