Meinl Percussion Bongos With Hardwood Shells - NOT MADE IN CHINA - Super Natural Finish, Buffalo Skin Heads, 2-YEAR WARRANTY (HB100SNT-M)

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The superb craftsmanship of MEINL Headliner Series bongos dominates in sound quality, appearance, durability and value. These bongos are equipped with hand selected buffalo heads that are easy to tune and stay in tune. They have outstanding acoustic properties and are durable enough for the heavier hitters. These crystal clear Acrylic shells are lightweight and rugged with voluminous resonating tones that respond beautifully at any volume level. Paired with our Headliner Series Congas, these bongos are a great start or finish to your percussion set up! The Meinl Professional Bongo Stand (Model# TMB-S) for seated players will also allow you to comfortably set these up with your drum kit.