Mapex Saturn 5-piece Studioease Shell Pack - Satin Black

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Mapex Saturn Studioease 5-piece Shell Pack

Experience the unparalleled sound and craftsmanship of the Mapex Saturn Series shell packs. These drum sets combine the time-honored tradition of maple/walnut shells with cutting-edge technology from the Black Panther Design Lab. With a stunning array of finish options, the Saturn Series caters to the diverse preferences of drummers. Each drum in this set is meticulously crafted to meet the demands of professional stage and studio performances.

Key Features:

  • 6-ply maple/walnut shells for a classic, powerful sound
  • Precision SONIClear bearing edges ensure better tone and tuning range
  • Mapex Power Hoops provide durability and commanding presence
  • Black Panther Design Lab-inspired features for enhanced performance
  • Nodal Line Air Flow Venting Scheme maximizes resonance and response
  • SAS Static Floor Tom Legs increase note length and clarity
  • Sonic Pedestal Floor Tom Feet prevent sound loss and maintain resonance
  • SONIClear suspension mounts allow for optimal drumhead and shell vibration
  • Includes Remo Emperor Clear heads for a studio-quality tone

With its 6-ply maple/walnut shells, the Mapex Saturn Series delivers a dynamic sound that suits both live performances and studio recordings. The 4-ply maple exterior provides projection and articulation, while the 2-ply walnut core adds warmth and depth to the drums. This combination creates a well-rounded tone with a strong attack and lingering sustain.

The SONIClear bearing edges are engineered to optimize tone and tuning. By allowing the drumheads to sit flatter on the shells, these precision edges facilitate better contact and create a stronger fundamental tone. With easier tuning and a wider range of tones, the Saturn Series drums deliver exceptional sound quality.

Mapex Power Hoops, made of rugged steel, add to the commanding presence of each drum shell. These triple-flanged hoops provide durability that can withstand rigorous touring and ensure consistent performance night after night.

Inspired by the Black Panther Design Lab, the Saturn Series incorporates advanced features to enhance the playing experience:

  • The Nodal Line Air Flow Venting Scheme places vents along the nodal line of each shell, maximizing resonance and response.
  • The SAS Static Floor Tom Legs feature sharp 90° angles to increase distance from the floor, allowing for greater note length and a cleaner soundstage.
  • The Sonic Pedestal Floor Tom Feet float the floor tom shells, preventing sound loss and maintaining depth and resonance.
  • The SONIClear suspension mounts eliminate interference between the hardware and the drumheads, resulting in improved sustain, longer head life, and quicker head changes without removing shells from the mounts.

The Saturn Studioease shell pack includes Remo Emperor Clear heads to provide a timeless studio tone. The toms feature two-ply Emperor Clear batter heads, while the bass drum is equipped with a Powerstroke P3 Clear batter head for a modern attack and long-lasting performance.

Experience the superior sound and craftsmanship of the Mapex Saturn Studioease 5-piece Shell Pack. With its remarkable features and exceptional quality, this drum set is a clear winner in its class.

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