Laney Amps LAN AH150 Multi Instrument Amplifier

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The principle behind the Audio hub range is simple: Audio hub products are designed to give musicians the optimum performance, flexibility and sound quality for any given audio application; Audio hub equals flexibility true to their name Audio hubs perform with ease in any amplification application keyboards, electronic drums, vocals, acoustic and electric string instruments as well as playback are all handled with ease; The AH150's 5 Channels means that this unit is ideal as a small portable trio's PA; It handles vocals, guitars, keys and electronic drums without any problem at all, with every input you could want catered for; Each channel has independent gain, two band EQ and an independent effects send to the on board DSP; With a line in and record out option, the AH150's master section allows you complete control over the unit's performance; Rated at 150 Watts RMS and housing a 1 x 12" Custom Designed Driver and HF Horn the AH150 cuts an imposing line; Audio hubs sound great they are powerful and true what you put in you get out but louder much louder; They sound clean and clear and should you wish to, the onboard EQ's are powerful enough to dial out difference from venue to venue, meaning you get the best sound every time, all the time

  • 5 Channel Multi instrument amplifier
  • 150 Watts
  • 12" Custom Designed Driver
  • Built in DSP effects
  • High Frequency Horn