Ketron SD1000 Pro Sound Module

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HOME STUDIO In this context, the SD1000 is able to express its potential to its best. It can be connected to a computer (PC or Mac) via USB, via the Midi cable (if you already have a board with Midi interface), or via the Midi to USB cable supplied as an optional accessory by KETRON. Using sequencer programs such as Cubase, Logic, Cakewalk or similar, you can add the SD1000 successfully to musical elaborations (Midi files, Jingles, Mix Audio, etc.), fully exploiting its impressive sound versatility. To make it easier to integrate the instrument in the most popular musical production software platforms, KETRON offers a number of templates (which you can download free of charge from the website) thanks to which you can easily and immediately control all the instrument’s resources (sounds, effects, drum sets) directly from your preferred sequencer. The SD1000 can be used as a supplementary module to enrich the timbre range of your keyboard. It is also just as suitable to be coupled with Master keyboards that do not have any sounds or with the modern mini remote keyboards (multimedia keyboards), which have become more and more popular in the live set. Ketron is convinced that such a powerful yet compact sound module can certainly become a part of every musical set up. Specifications - Internal Storage: Flash Memory. - USB (Midi Connection). - Sound Card: 512 Voices, 47 Drum Sets, 248 Audio Drum Loops . - Polyphony 128 note. - Multi timbral 32 parts (2x16). - DSP: 11 Effects, 2 x EFX Insert,20 presets . - Midi: In, Thru. - Main Out : Left/Right Stereo. - Headphone. - Volume Control. - External Power supply: 9V. - Dimensions: Width 147, Depth 109, Height 39 - Weight: 0.5 Kg