ART PDB Passive Direct Box

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PDB Passive Direct Box - Connect with Confidence

The PDB Passive Direct Box is a reliable and roadworthy DI (Direct Input) designed for connecting electronic musical instruments and audio sources to balanced inputs on mixer consoles and other equipment. With its robust construction, the PDB ensures a solid performance in any professional setting.

Product Features:

  • Rock-solid construction for durability on the road
  • Enables connection of electronic instruments to balanced inputs
  • Simultaneously patches music source to an instrument amplifier and mixer
  • Automatically balances and matches line level signals
  • Accepts speaker level inputs for post-amplifier signals
  • Convenient connector transition with the ability to run long cables


  1. Electric guitar and bass pick up output signals:

    The PDB translates the high impedance signal from a guitar or bass pickup into a low impedance balanced signal required by mixing consoles.

  2. Keyboards and line level signals:

    The PDB automatically balances and matches the line level outputs of electronic keyboards. It can replace individual direct boxes in a multiple keyboard setup, simplifying your setup and saving space.

  3. DJ console output signals:

    The PDB converts unbalanced -10dB signals commonly found in DJ mixers into balanced line level signals. It also facilitates connector transition and allows the use of long cables.

  4. Speaker level signals:

    By accepting speaker level inputs from a power amplifier's output, the PDB enables post-amplifier, post-equalizer, and effects signals to be directly fed to the console. This allows specific effects or amplifier sounds to be sent directly to the mix.

Experience reliable signal routing and seamless connectivity with the PDB Passive Direct Box. Connect with confidence and enjoy optimal audio performance.

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